3 thoughts on “50 mile pint break

  1. Phil

    Good to see the Ridgeback is still going strong:-) I’ve just replaced the headset on mine with a good make called Hope that should last I bit longer! Previous one got trashed doing the Trans Pennine Trail this year….

  2. Bike around Britain Post author

    Hi Phil, yep, the Ridgeback is still up and running, although it needs a few replacement bits; chain, rear cassette, re-wrapped handlebars, possibly new forks. Keep wondering about buying a new tourer but this one has a lot of sentimental value! Trans Pennine trail sounds fun, but more of a mountain bike type affair – will look it up.

    1. Phil

      I think if you replace the parts you mention, all should be good:-) My next tourer would probably have a Rohloff Hub & SON Dynamo! In my dreams at moment though!


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