Beside the seaside

Whilst traditionally it is appropriate to sing ‘oh I do like to be beside the seaside‘, when going to the seaside, it’s a little hard to build up enthusiasm when it’s only 2 or 3 degrees, with a brisk North Easterly making it feel like it -2. Still, I loaded up the bike with pretty much everything I’m going to take on my tour, bar my tent, and set out to Sea Palling on the Norfolk coast at about 8.30am.

Had to wheel my bike through a manual level crossing at one point, haven’t encountered one of these for a few years:


Nice ride out through the countryside with lots of other cyclists out on the road (greetings duly exchanged); must be the bank holiday, and despite the cold a hint of spring in the air, that motivated everyone to get out.

Record of route here.

Made it to Sea Palling in good time and enjoyed a second breakfast hobbit style at the local cafe. Great bacon roll and hot chocolate consumed with vigour.

Bacon Roll stop

The sun finally came out properly during this stop, but unfortunately didn’t do much to increase the temperature. I did however change my lenses from ‘happy’ yellow, to shades, a step in the right direction.

Few more pictures from Sea Palling…

People out for Easter Walk:                                   Slightly doctored photo but looks cool – high tide:
534103_10151574489333923_1183319535_n  Sea Palling - doctored

Ramp down to beach through dunes:

Travelling lobster close to ‘natural’ environment with Easter Egg:
3556_10151574488428923_1999026552_n  488200_10151574488303923_1339320497_n

The route back from Sea Palling took me along the coast before heading inland back towards Norwich, via several picturesque villages. Somehow my GPS decided it would be advantageous to send me along a dirt track at one point. The below definitely isn’t a road but I managed to navigate through the ruts and horse manure successfully, with no bike damage.

63567_10151574488528923_278265644_nWent through Horning and had a brief stop down by the broad.


There were several old looking Wherry type boats, or reproductions thereof out sailing today, but didn’t manage to get a photo of them.

All in all good day out cycling, covering about 56 miles. Slightly worried about knee injury – it seems to be getting better but is still a bit achy and stiff, so might see a physio next week. Raising my saddle has definitely helped though.

3 thoughts on “Beside the seaside

  1. westonfront

    Pleased to hear that raising the saddle has been beneficial! Hope you now have a near straight leg at bottom dead centre? We went for a peddle ourselves on Saturday – From Lancaster out to the Cumbrian coast at Arnside – ca. 3 C – bracing!

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      Hiya, bracing was certainly the word for it today! To be honest reckon I could raise the saddle a little more – will start high and lower it until there only a slight bend at the knee. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Sarah

    Next time you are at Horning look out for the Pirate Wherry – it’s all in black. Arr, so it is. 🙂


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