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On your doorstep

Nice cycle home this evening around the outskirts of Norwich. Must have done this route dozens of times, and have always thought I ought to cycle up the short track to a church that sits atop a small hill not far from work, Keswick Church I think. It’s so easy to ignore what’s on your own doorstep sometimes as you don’t just don’t have time to pause; there’s always something else that’s got to get done.

Caught it just as the sun was going down – few pics below, some slightly doctored.

IMG_0203     IMG_0206    IMG_0205     IMG_0204

Despite only being 100 yards or so from a busy main road the church had a lovely peaceful atmosphere, with the birds singing as the sun went down. I’m not really religious, maybe agnostic, but sometimes you just find somewhere that has a good atmosphere, this was such a place. I’m sure I’ll encounter lots of other places like this on my trek around Britain, it’ll be nice to take a break and chill out for a while when I do.

In other news dentist says my teeth are good to go for another 4,500 miles, no fillings required. Also took delivery of Avon Skin So Soft moisturiser which apparently is a fantastic midge/mosquito repellent – will come in handy on the West coast of Scotland!

Finally my story was published in two local newspapers this week, the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News – link here. Great to get some publicity which has helped on the sponsorship front, now over £1,000. Thanks to everyone for their support!