About me

Hi, my name’s James Harvey. Having grown up in the South East I’ve lived in Norwich for the last 18 or so years, post moving up here for University, seems like just yesterday.


For my day job I work as a Project Manager for Virgin Money, a fast paced and challenging job with lots going on, especially now we’re a bank with some big plans. Learnt a lot and made some great friends over the years, never a dull moment!

Outside work I pursue a variety of activities including producing short films and audio dramas with my It’s A Trap buddies (check us out on Youtube), Kendo, guitar playing, enjoying real ale, and of course cycling.

The last few years have been pretty hectic with one thing and another and a few months ago I decided it was time for a break from the day job, and to raise some money for charity. My ex-wife and dear friend Lu Harvey passed away from cancer in Feb 2012, so it feels like the right thing to be doing something both for myself and to remember Lu by.

Pretty much straight away I decided cycling around the coast of Britain was the way to go. I’ve always been up for an adventure but nothing quite this significant before. Who knows what the road will bring? I’m sure it’ll be exciting whatever it is.

11 thoughts on “About me

  1. Charlotte Cassady

    Hi James,
    So very impressed with your tour plans. We look forward to following your journey now I have details of your site!
    Lots of love, Charlotte x

  2. John Lound

    From John Duffield – ‘Up in the Midlands’ I say ‘UP’ – I realise wer’e not may miles north of sunny Norwich. Enjoyed your pork pie this lunch-washed down with ……………? More detail please. Presume down the A146 this morning. Promise to follow daily from now on. Will sponsor you and liaise with Mater & Pater. Off to buy a ‘serious’ football of the inflatable kind for Grandson Tom’s eighth birthday. Best of luck and keep pedalling!

    The ‘Old Man’ John

  3. Barbara Boardman

    Hi James, do you remember down at The Water’s Edge – Bramerton Woods End at the end of April just before you were about to set off on your epic voyage (so impressed with your independant spirit)? I was out for an evening ride with my daughter Ellie and had a quick chat with you at the bar. Well we are now hooked on your blog and can’t wait for the next installment!
    Have an amazing journey and stay safe,
    from Barbara and Ellie Boardman.

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      Thanks Barbara and Ellie, yes I remember it well as was a beautiful day. Also bought Josie Dew book on your recommendation and am reading that as I make my way around! Thanks for reading blog.

  4. Keith

    Hi James, I’m a fellow Ridgeback Panorama jockey and am enjoying your blog – keep it up and remember you do have followers out there!

  5. Dan

    Hope you’re keeping the British end up! Sounds like the plan is going well….keep on truck’n….DSD

  6. Carola Wayne

    Morning Monsieur le Harvre! I’m currently in awe of your highly exertive adventure, particularly as I’m slightly cautious cycling on ‘grown up’ roads, I’m mightily impressed & follow your updates daily, so thank you for those. Daniel Bedingfield was on the radio this morning, (he still rocks), & his mantra ‘gotta get thru this’ seems just as relevant today as it was back in Group Pensions circa 2002. Keep you a troshin’ MLH XX


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