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  1. Mary

    Hello James,
    Just read about your attempt to cycle around Britain and want to wish you all the best on this epic journey.It is a wonderful thing to do, cycling for a charity in memory of a lost one.
    We may well meet up at some point 🙂 my husband(Lionel) and I are cycling the Jogle this year and if you come across a yellow tandem with yellow Ortlieb panniers, that’s us. We too like to have a look at Cape Wrath, it is an awesome place.
    Our starting day is May 16th from JOG but will be bag home when you are still cycling. We will donate to your charity at some point. For the moment, we will follow your blog. All best wishes.
    Mary Blanche(jugglingthejogle.blogspot.com)

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      Hi Mary, thanks for your message, will definitely keep an eye out for you both. Have a great time on the Jogle and hope to meet up at some point, perhaps for a carb re-load!
      Good luck,

  2. Stevie

    Hi James, struggling to believe you have already gone all the way up to the top already, though the photos and excellent blog writing do kind of lend weight to your assertions. Hope you have gone for the Jacuzzi and massage options today up in Orkney, your legs definitely deserve it, and the Force 6 headwind yesterday must of been just horrible, hope Lobster was urging encouragement, understand a strategically placed lobster pincer can be very persuasive.
    The split wheel is both terrible and exciting, never seen such a thing before, hope the bike shop can sort you out with something suitable, maybe even bling-ish, some nice anodized nipples perhaps?
    Also have a request which not sure how easy it will be to facilitate but much intrigued into the effects the trip is having on your body, are your thighs now monster short splitting tree trunks, has your waist vanished to nothing, are you proudly displaying a proper tourer suntan, or has the beautiful Scottish weather denied you the Neapolitan look (brown face arms, white body, brown legs).
    Weight would be hugely interesting? Did you get an accurate weight before the Grand Depart, are the Scottish tea shops able to maintain this? So if you are able to ever access any scales and you sensibilities don’t mind this sort of info in the public domain would provide much discussion points here at Colehill.
    So once you have successfully swam your self and bike back to the mainland (assume this is your plan, you need to show Mark Beaumont what can be done) it all looks downhill, well on my globe anyway and I think that is a pretty accurate way in which gravity and everything works.
    Looking forward to your arrival in these parts

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      Hi Steve, I’ll try and answer at least some of your questions in my next blog post! Think I have lost some weight, but put it on as well in my legs which are a lot stronger. Was about 12 stone when i left but haven’t had access to scales of late! Waist has shrunk a bit. Body surviving in general as long as I keep a routine up and don’t lose focus – e.g. have too long a break from long distances. Having to eat an awful lot, which is great, but can be challenging at times. Scottish bakeries are a great source of calories, and there are lots of good ones up here. Also eating a lot of pasta unsurprisingly – 250g a serving, if not more. Pubs are also helping.
      Got a bit of a weird tan going on due to modified cycling bib, where I have the knees cut out for physio reasons. So I have tanned lower legs, knees and face, but not much else as been a it cold to go with short sleeves.
      Got a new rear wheel fitted, it’s quite bling, and I was very lucky to find a shop in Kirkwall that could help out. It’s a racing bike wheel really and has less spokes (32), but is still very strong and should do the job, will include details in next blog again. Also got a new chain fitted as the old one had stretched and would start slipping or break soon.
      Off to get the ferry now. See you in a few weeks no doubt!

  3. Mick Cope

    Hi James, I have really enjoyed following your Blog from the start til now, as i am considering doing the same in the near future. Well done, its a fine achievement to say the least.
    At the risk of being called an Anorak or even Smartarse, I feel i must defend poor old Route 1. The reason why you had trouble with the small bridge in faversham was not the fault of Route 1 but because you were somewhat Geographically embarrassed shall we say. According to the Opencyclemap, shortly before that bridge Route 1 turns East and cuts inland and then rejoins the creek at the road bridge. As a local (i live in Canterbury) who cycles that area on occasion and has made the same mistake I felt I needed to put the record straight. all the same thanks for the entertainment. Regards Mick.
    “Ships in Harbour are safe, but thats not what ships are for”

  4. Anne Glover

    Well done and thank you for a lovley trip around Britain with really great photo’s, i am really intrested in your scottish part of the trip. I luckily found you site as i was looking for the St Caranog monument as i wanted to know where in cardigan it was and hit on your site that gave me the name of the place and phot’os wonderful Thanks again i will go through all you trip info.

  5. wolczr

    This is a fantastic site – please don’t delete it!! I am going to be doing your route in the next few months and the maps you have provided are invaluable. Thank you!

  6. John Regan

    Wow fantastic. Iam going to follow your route. Please don’t take it off. I will be leaving may 2018. Iam 66 and never done any real biking. Like you iam doing for a charity. Great read.


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