On your doorstep

Nice cycle home this evening around the outskirts of Norwich. Must have done this route dozens of times, and have always thought I ought to cycle up the short track to a church that sits atop a small hill not far from work, Keswick Church I think. It’s so easy to ignore what’s on your own doorstep sometimes as you don’t just don’t have time to pause; there’s always something else that’s got to get done.

Caught it just as the sun was going down – few pics below, some slightly doctored.

IMG_0203     IMG_0206    IMG_0205     IMG_0204

Despite only being 100 yards or so from a busy main road the church had a lovely peaceful atmosphere, with the birds singing as the sun went down. I’m not really religious, maybe agnostic, but sometimes you just find somewhere that has a good atmosphere, this was such a place. I’m sure I’ll encounter lots of other places like this on my trek around Britain, it’ll be nice to take a break and chill out for a while when I do.

In other news dentist says my teeth are good to go for another 4,500 miles, no fillings required. Also took delivery of Avon Skin So Soft moisturiser which apparently is a fantastic midge/mosquito repellent – will come in handy on the West coast of Scotland!

Finally my story was published in two local newspapers this week, the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News – link here. Great to get some publicity which has helped on the sponsorship front, now over £1,000. Thanks to everyone for their support!

2 thoughts on “On your doorstep

  1. toekneep

    Hi James
    I would be interested to know how you get on with the Avon SSS. I’ll probably find out as I catch up belatedly on your blog. We found it quite effective on Arran but not so good that it solves the problem. We also found that it solidified at a few degrees above freezing so keep it in your sleeping bag on cold nights would be our tip.

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      Hiya – I found out latterly that Avon have taken the chemical out so the SSS that repels the midges, so it didn’t work to well. The older batches may still have it in. And yes, I encountered the solidifying issue, but was fine after it warmed up, even if all it was doing was making my skin softer for biting insects! I reckon Avon sales are going to plummet.


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