The Ride – 2013

Do you ever get the urge to do something but never get around to it?

In 2012 I had an idea for an adventure, and I wasn’t even in the pub at the time. Could I cycle around the coast of Britain? Seemed like a good idea. A few months later and after looking into it a bit more, it still seemed like a good idea.

So I bought the kit – or what I thought I needed anyway, the route was roughly planned, and I set off from Norwich on 01 May 2013. Initially I cycled out to the Eastern most point of Britain (Lowestoft) and from there made my way in an anticlockwise direction around the coast, before ending up back in Norwich at the end of July.

Here’s a link to my blog post with individual legs mapped out, which might be of use to anyone else thining of undertaking such a tour, or smaller sections thereof:

Coast map

Tip: Don’t overplan, you’ll just have to deviate from it at some point as something interesting or ‘interesting’ might happen. I planned a few days in advance, but the key was to remain flexible.

I carrried all my equipment with me and camped for the most part, with the occasional B&B or hotel, and dropping in to see friends along the route. How much you spend really depends on how much you like to eat/drink in cafes or pubs, versus a camping stove, I did both.

I raised money for the Big C, a Norfolk Charity offering support to cancer patients, providing equipment for hospitals and funding cancer research. The Big C provided immense support for Lu Harvey who sadly passed away in Feb 2012 after a very brave battle with cancer. We all miss her very much, but even though Lu isn’t around in person she provides inspiration whenever I think of her.

You can sponsor me here:

There were brilliant days (most of them), and days with calamities, but that was all part of the challenge. I learn’t so much, met so many fantastic people, and passed through some wonderful places (and pubs). If you’re thinking of doing it – go for it!

3 thoughts on “The Ride – 2013

  1. Steve

    Good luck, a great ride and something that I would love to do! Will be keeping up-to-date with your progress. I’m on the south coast near Worthing, just shout if you need anything on your way through!

  2. Dave Cossar

    loved your journey, I plan to do similar to Cape Wrath uning a train up to Kyle of Lochalsh because of the busy main road no Cycle paths
    It looks like the main road is quieter North of Skye .I’ve been up to Tongue and John O’Groats 2 years ago.
    I wanted to try some of the Applecross climbs. I’m 68 and still going stong I have worn my Hybrid bike out and thinking of a Cheap Cyclecross bike The climb from Bettyhill Knacked me .

    1. SelfPropelled Post author

      Good to hear from you Dave, go for it, sounds like a great plan. Applecross pass (Beaulach na ba) was challenging with all my panniers but great when I reached the top; probably a bit hazardous in winter though! Enjoy.


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