Today I learnt some stuff.

The first thing I learnt is that getting up early on a Saturday isn’t so bad when you have fun stuff to do, even if the weather is rubbish. So by 08.30 I was making my way through the rain to the guys at Pedal Revolution, to get a bike service and pick up some tips on how to fix things on the road.


As well as the bike getting the once over, with various cables tightened, wheels straightened, gears aligned etc, I also learned how to adjust spokes and potentially replace them (although I really hope none break), change chain links, adjust brakes properly, and various other tips which will no doubt come very handy when something breaks somewhere remote. The Pedal Revolution workshop guys were really friendly and helpful, definitely recommend them and will be going back. Amazing what a packet of biscuits can do to open doors!

Also picked up a few extra tools to add to the kit list, but going to have to be careful not to get too many bits and pieces, there simply isn’t room.

I decided to get a bit of training in after that, however the weather proved to be somewhat inclement. It’s been raining/snowing now for the last 24 hours and the roads are completely waterlogged around Norfolk, so I retreated home pretty soaked after not too long. Deciding indoor activities were the way to go after the snow really started to set in, I went to Kendo and de-stressed with some fun fencing.

Hopefully the weather might allow for a longer ride tomorrow however it’s not looking too good at present. Might have to settle for the Rugby instead, ah well, not so bad 🙂

3 thoughts on “Learnings

      1. elderlight

        Sorry – cheerleaders were on order but were hijacked by some shadowy underworld figure known only as “The Rock Doctor”…

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