Having only recently purchased my Garmin 810 device, I thought I’d try out one it’s features today – Livetrack. This allows me to post a URL to social networking sites, or email it to friends, who can then track my live progress. It works by me connecting the Garmin to my iPhone via bluetooth for the duration of the ride. All seemed to work okay however it appears the session finishes as soon as I stop it on the Garmin, so I can’t then look at it via the link I put on Facebook.

To be honest being somewhat technically inept at times I was just impressed that I managed to connect the devices and get it working. Maybe not inept, probably just want things to work straight away, which is why I got an iPhone and not an Android.

In another display of startling technical ability I’ve found out I should be able to share the ride by embedding this link from the Garmin site, well hopefully this will work anyway.

My ride

We’ll see what happens when I press publish in a minute. If it all works according to plan it’ll be great to post up details of my routes when I start off on my coastal Odyssey.

The Garmin Edge 810 really is quite a funky device, which it should be for the price, relaying all the statistics you’d expect as well as incorporating a heart rate monitor should I so desire; might be handy given past history in that department.

What the Edge also needs to incorporate at this time of year is some kind of force shield to protect the rider from wind chill. It was thoroughly freezing this evening with my nose and ears losing all feeling, not to mention my fingers going numb even with gloves on. Roll on springtime. Still expect it’s what you’d call forging, cycling in the summer will seem a breeze in comparison, I’m sure…

4 thoughts on “Livetrack

    1. elderlight

      Link seems to be working on the PC if that’s any help – although apparently you got as far as Hall Road and haven’t gone home…


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