Winter sunshine

There’s something about cycling, or just generally being outside on a cold but bright winter’s day that raises spirits, even when you have a hectic day’s work ahead of you. Took a quick photo on the way through the cemetery this morning which came out alright; was hoping to capture the sun coming through the drops of water on the trees but might be too small to see this in the below.


This evening I’m trying to create a post for my blog using my iPad and iPhone only, bit of road test for when I’m on the road as it were. Copied in a link to my ride home, recorded on the Garmin which I’m slowly getting the hang of, although still can’t get livetrack to work quite right.

13/03 Home Run by jam_har at Garmin Connect – Details.

New top speed of over 27 miles an hour, with panniers, was slightly concerned about hitting a pothole but made it okay, despite a few wobbles due to swerving to avoid aforesaid hazards.

In other news I appear to be addicted to mini eggs, the chocolate variety that is. Think I’ll go and forage for some right now.

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