This great wide yonder

Thinking about where to tour next has occupied a lot of my time recently. I really fancy the Mediterranean coast, but then this pops up on my blog feed, and thus duly added to the list of possible destinations. Might need to recruit some buddies as looks like rough terrain.

Cycling Dutch Girl

I’m back!


It has been a while but I’ve been very busy gaining cash & kilo’s in Ireland.

Those last ones weren’t exactly necessary but it’s one of the side-effects of Guinness. Anyway, they might be of some use keeping me warm… right?

I had the time to put together a little video of my previous time in Iceland.

I flew back for one last bicycle-trip, through the highlands this time.

the route

As the whole area closes for about 10 months a year due to bad weather and snow there’s just this small window of opportunity to explore this crazy part of the country. And even more of the country is closed already as there was a volcano about to blow.

I’ve been watching the news anxiously as I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in Iceland, but I needed to get there first. Lucky there was no problem with the flights and the whole thing only started to…

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