Leg 4 – to Kilnsea via Hull and Humber Bridge

04 May 2013
Up at 6.30 for a 95 mile leg to Kilnsea today. Getting into a more regular rhythm now with breakfast of porridge and cereal bars, plus Sainsburys berocca substitute. Also getting quicker at packing up, so was away by 8 o’clock, realise this isn’t early by a lot of people’s standards however I felt a sense of accomplishment, and a I suspect my body clock will start resetting to daybreak and sunset soon anyway.

Wanting to get some good miles under me in the morning I set off up the coast, trying to get away from the dark clouds gathering behind me, that held the promise of rain and strong winds. The Nemesis device sent me awry once when it got confused, and I ended up in the sand again, but only moderately, going to have to give the Ridgeback a good clean soon. Insert picture when I can get it off phone!

Passed through Mablethorpe where apparently Mum first saw the sea, didn’t look like it had changed all that much, perhaps an upgrade to the kebab shop. Legs feeling good despite a cold wind, and then a smattering of rain, the first of the tour but only short lived and didn’t bother with waterproofs. Rode on to Cleesthorpe via a bendy route turning West into the wind, found myself singing ‘busy going nowhere working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not do’, can’t remember what film that’s from, an old one I need to watch again.

I was chased by an enthusiastic boxer dog down one country track, whilst the owner shouted for him to stop, ‘Monty, come back Monty, down Monty’. Reminded me of that Fenton YouTube clip. Needless to say the dog completely ignored it’s owner and I ended up with a wet nose pressed against my leg before he retreated, just wanted to say hello.

Found a good bakery in Cleesthorpe, post a nice ride through a country park, so stopped for second breakfast at 11 o’clock – breakfast bap and pizza slice, very nice too. Rode on to Grimsby through heavy traffic down a duel carriageway which was a little bit alarming, especially when the Nemesis device went a bit awry and sent me towards a motorway. I turned back through the Europarc and picked up the correct route alongside the Humber estuary. Not the prettiest of routes but much less traffic and interesting industrial plants. The Humber estuary is massive with lots of shipping, but very murky which was exacerbated by an overcast day. A few fishermen were braving the weather and waiting patiently for a nibble.

Passed a few groups of cyclists out for a Sunday ride who all waved or said hello. Finally made it out of the industrial area and back into the countryside, which held a stark contrast to the last few miles. Suddenly the birdsong started again, and there were lambs in the fields as opposed to plastic sheeting and daffodils from earlier on in Lincs. Rode past Thornton Abbey which looked interesting but didn’t have time to stop. Insert photo.

Rode on to the Humber Bridge via a somewhat convoluted route, but for once the Garmin coped. I’d been fighting a strong westerly for the last 40 miles or so, which got stronger on the bridge and with the overcast weather was somewhat chilly. Feeling drained I had my first glucose gel of the tour to try and get some energy back. The Humber Bridge is I think the longest cyclable suspension bridge in Europe, so was good to cross, but not very many impressive photos due to dull weather.

Headed on into Hull via Hessle (I think, device got confused again). Very nice to finally have a tailwind which helped the aching legs. Hull looked nice in the sunshine although lots of signs of poverty with closed shops and pound stretchers galore. Bloke at the traffic lights stopped to give me directions to a good route out of town which was nice of him, although think it was the route I had planned in anyway. Nemesis device promptly took offence to this external advice and sent me the wrong way, so I started ignoring it and soon got back on track.

Headed out to Kilnsea via Withernsea and Easington. A great ride with a strong tailwind, averaging around 18mph, and covering 40 klics in record time. Made it to Blue Bell Pond campsite in good time and set up as the wind dropped. Lovely spot – I have a fair few photos I’ll add in due course. Great day’s ride covering 95 miles, will save the tun for another day.

Had dinner at the Crown and Anchor Inn, conveniently located 200 yards down the road. Bit of an extravagance but they had Tim Taylor’s Landlord on tap, plus I needed to recharge several devices including myself, and they kindly obliged with access to a plug. Going to be tricky charging devices as I go if I don’t have access to power. The Power Monkey is good and works to an extent, but doesn’t have the juice to charge everything I need to. I could just stop using the Nemesis device but it’s handy when it works, and lets stalkers track me!

Few other thoughts and comments:

– Blue Bell Pond campsite recommended, and Richard the owner is an eccentric character.

– Good pub quiz at the Crown and Anchor with great group of locals that kept me entertained as I tried to work out the best route for the next few weeks. Probably had too much ale.

– Bike performing really well so far but will need de mucking soon, and re-Lubing as a lot of dust from last few days. The front pannier racks are slipping down slightly which I’ll need to address at some point, but not an issue as yet. Service in Edinburgh hopefully.

– Health update; In good shape and remembering to do stretches and physio exercises, no knee problems. Probably need to eat more but okay at present, hard to take on that many carbs. Arms and shoulders also tired. Will refuel in Whitby and consider a massage at some point, but not from the dodgy one I saw in Grimsby – pleasure girls massage, entry at rear ( made me snigger).

– Passed Lu’s birthplace today, although I didn’t realise it at the time. She spent some of her younger years in this neck of the woods.

6 thoughts on “Leg 4 – to Kilnsea via Hull and Humber Bridge

  1. Steve

    Was wondering how the power monkey was going, it sounds like it maybe it is not coping fully? Undecided if solar or dynamo is best for uk

    1. Bike around Britain Post author

      I’d get a dynamo hub if I were you. I’ve had plenty of sunshine but just not enough juice for iPhone, Garmin and iPad. I’m going to get a hub for future tours.

  2. Sarah

    I love my Garmin, but it can be so unpredictable. If it is still alive by the time you get to Dorset, ditch it – mine switched itself off repeatedly on a 5 mile run in Dorchester, so you stand no chance! Oh, and by the way, try experimenting with gels before you need them – you might find that helps with the aching legs etc. If not, more ale should do the trick! Happy cycling 🙂

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