Bike around Britain – blog index and route maps

Links to the legs (Garmin maps) and blog posts that took me around the coast of Britain in 86 days, covering 5,451 miles. Hopefully this will be of use to those of you planning similar tours.

Caveat – some of my routes were at times a little unorthodox, there may well be smoother rides in places. All worth it for scenes like this…

Loch Fyne sunset 1

Loch Fyne sunset, spent the night wild camping

9 thoughts on “Bike around Britain – blog index and route maps

  1. Jenna Main

    Hi there, I’m looking to do a similar challenge, Around the coast of Scotland in small sections. Just wondered if you had any advice/tips on making the routes and how you managed to map it out?

    1. SelfPropelled Post author

      HI Jenna, great idea, go for it. The hardest part is setting off. The rest just happens! My route was fairly straightforward as I followed the coast, taking in a few islands along the way. I loved all of Scotland, but particularly the West Coast. Get some decent midge repellent if at all possible!

  2. Rob Long

    What sort of training did you do ? Was it a case of just get an go, or did you need to build up stamina/fitness levels before embarking on your route?

    1. SelfPropelled Post author

      Hi Rob, cycled to work most days, with some longer rides on the way home. Spent a few month doing longer weekend runs and a few trial runs with all the kit on the bike. You can of course just get stronger on the tour, but useful to put in a but of training, and definitely to experience the heavier bike. Don’t need to go overboard though.


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